7 free iOS apps to keep track of your finances

9 free iOS apps to keep track of your finances

Counting expenses and income in a notebook – just like in Excel – is no longer relevant. There are mobile apps for that. has selected nine best-reviewed iOS apps for financial accounting and found out what the advantage of each of them is.

1- Budget, Finance, Expense Accounting.

Score: 4.9 (based on 5.04 thousand reviews)

The app helps create a personal financial plan and tells the user how much to invest or save for major purchases each month. To do this, it is necessary to specify income, mandatory payments, and all planned expenses – including by category.

The app can also calculate and plan loan repayments, taking into account the possible amount of additional early payments. The app allows you to automate all repetitive activities – for example, the receipt of wages. The app sends the user reminders about upcoming regular payments.

A remarkable feature of the app: it is even possible to keep records in cryptocurrencies. The app supports almost all of the world’s currencies, from rubles and dollars to, for example, the Zambian kwacha or Mongolian tugrik. The list also includes cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

2. Money OK – my finances.

Score: 4.8 (based on 9.09 thousand reviews)

“Money OK” allows the user to quickly enter their spending, including scanning checks with a QR code. For convenient accounting of expenses, the application has a built-in calculator. Each operation has a comment, and items can be divided into subcategories: for example, you can enter “gasoline” and “repair when spending on a car.”

Applications installed on several phones can be synchronized with each other to keep joint accounting. Also, all information can be exported to CSV files and opened in Excel – for those who are used to more traditional budgeting methods.

A remarkable feature of the app: the number of icons for expense and income items. There are more than 450 of them.

3- Money Flow

Score: 4.8 (based on 2.44 thousand reviews)

This app is designed to track spending – here, and you can assign them categories (for example, “clothes and shoes”), labels (store name), accounts (cash or debit cards), and locations (country and city). For each item, you can see statistics in the form of graphs and highlight the most “ruinous” items of expenditure.

You can attach a different color or icon to each category. The application has a built-in calculator and currency converter. The choice of currencies is also significant. Backup, the possibility to attach a photo to transactions, additional icons, and design themes are available only in the paid version.

The trick of the application: conciseness and pleasant interface. Money Flow is not overloaded with unnecessary functions – almost all users in the reviews note this.

4. money

Score: 4.8 (based on 2.26 thousand reviews)

Monefy offers a record of expenses in a couple of clicks: enter an amount and assign a category to the cost. You can also add a small note to each transaction. Spending for a selected period (day, week, month, year, or all-time) can be seen on a graph with relatively informative but straightforward icons.

The application supports multicurrency format and several accounts at the same time. There is data backup, password protection, and a built-in calculator.

A remarkable feature of the app: convenient synchronization. Monefy on multiple devices can be synchronized via Google Drive or Dropbox account.

5. Monson.

Score: 4.7 (based on 7.01 thousand reviews)

Money allows you to create multiple wallets – useful if you have cash stored on several cards, for example. You can attach expenses by categories and subcategories to each wallet. Spending statistics are displayed in the form of a chart.

You can budget in one of the popular currencies of your choice. Foursquare geolocation is uploaded to each transaction. Access to the app is password-protected (including Touch ID). And Apple Watch owners can connect Moneon to their watch.

The app’s trick: voice-activated transaction entry. It’s convenient to record spending, even if your hands are busy. The option works on versions of iOS 10 and higher.

7. CoinKeeper

Score: 4.6 (based on 26 thousand reviews)

CoinKeeper is one of the most popular applications for personal accounting finances in Russia. The scheme is standard: the user can install several “wallets” with money, assign categories of expenses (and choose icons for them). To secure your data, you can set a password (including Touch ID).

Unfortunately, the functionality of the free version of the application is minimal. Without additional charges, you can add a maximum of 10 categories of expenses, and you can’t export data and see reports for a selected period. Assigning a family budget, creating a financial goal, and adding labels and subcategories to expenses are also possible only in the premium version.

The app’s gimmick: convenient overspending tracking. Each spending category can be assigned its budget – and if the user exceeds its limits, the icon of that category will turn red.

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