IPhone 13

Apple iPhone 12 Pro vs Apple iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 12 Pro vs Apple iPhone 13


Each one of these devices has its cons and pros when it relates to design. The iPhone 13 has a 20 percent smaller notch above the display, the thing that makes the screen-to-body ratio higher. On the other side, the iPhone 12 Pro possesses a higher build quality. Meanwhile, the vanilla iPhone 13 comes with a glass back and an aluminum frame, while the iPhone 12 Pro has a glass back and a stainless steel frame. The two devices had the handsets feature the Ceramic Shield for improved resistance to drops and scratches, also the IP68 certification which makes them dustproof and waterproof. Do you prefer having a higher build quality or a better look?


When we exclude the dimensions of the notch, the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 13 are equipped with an equal display panel. The panel is a Super Retina XDR OLED display with a diagonal of 6.1 inches, the HDR10 certification, a Full HD+ resolution, and a peak brightness of up to 1200 nits, Dolby Vision support. You cant find any differences in terms of display specifications. Badly, there is no iPhone with a fingerprint reader, but these handsets come with 3D facial recognition thanks to the SL 3D sensor placed inside the notch. Referring to 3D facial recognition, you still can have the most advanced and the safest authentication methods.

Software & Specs

The iPhone 13 has a much higher-end chipset: the Apple A15 Bionic which gives up to 50 percent higher CPU performance when compared to the Apple A14 Bionic which is on the iPhone 12 Pro, also 30 percent higher GPU performance. On the other side, the iPhone 12 Pro is equipped with a bigger amount of RAM: 6 GB in place of 4 GB. But, having a better chipset is definitely much better than having 2 gigs more RAM. Keep in mind that iPhone 13 ships with iOS 15 out of the box, while iPhone 12 Pro ships with iOS 14. This explains that iPhone 13 will get longer software support.


When we see the sharts. The iPhone 12 Pro is the most advanced camera phone. On the other hand, it has one plus important sensor when compared to the iPhone 13: we are speaking about a 12 MP telephoto sensor which enables 2x optical zoom. Also, the iPhone 12 Pro adds a 3D LiDAR scanner for AR appliances the thing which is another plus value for its camera department. The main sensors are equal, besides the ultrawide camera and the front camera, all with 12 Mp resolutions.


A huge advantage of the iPhone 13 compared with the iPhone 12 Pro is its larger battery: with a capacity of 3240 mAh compared to just 2815 mAh. With regards to the bigger battery, the iPhone 13 is capable to provide a way longer battery life even if its dimensions are the same as the 12 Pro. The two phones support 20W fast charging, 15W MagSafe wireless charging, and 7.5W Qi wireless charging.


The initial price of the vanilla iPhone 13 for the European market is €899, while it costs $799 in the U.S. The prices are related to the base variant with 128 GB of native storage. The iPhone 12 Pro begins from $999, keep in mind its prices lowered and you can now find it at the same prices as the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 is a much better phone when it comes to battery and hardware, but the iPhone 12 Pro is better if we speak about cameras and build quality. This is why the one to choose depends on your personal wants. Which one would you buy at the same price?

Apple iPhone 13 vs Apple iPhone 12 Pro: PRO and CONS
Apple iPhone 13
Bigger battery
iOS 15 out of the box
Better chipset
Smaller notch
Inferior camera department

Apple iPhone 12 Pro
Better cameras
Better prices
6 GB of RAM
Higher build quality
Inferior chipset

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