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How long does the battery life last?

I went for two weeks with an iPhone 13 Pro Max and tried to drain it hard. How long does the battery life last?

At the launch of the new iPhone 13, we were promised improved battery life. Plus, two hours of iPhone 13 Pro Max battery life is a combined credit to the increased battery and a new processor with high energy efficiency.

Although, two hours doesn’t sound too impressive at first glance. Come to think of it, what is it? We want an increase in the battery life parameter, not in hours, but days!

I’ve been using the iPhone 13 Pro Max for over two weeks, and I’m about to share my accurate impressions: does it last longer?

I’m pleasantly impressed. This smartphone can even last two days without charging.

From morning to evening without charging – not a problem at all
I will briefly tell you my usual scenario of using the smartphone during the day to try it on yourself and your daily interactions with the gadget.

So, at 7:30 in the morning, my alarm clock goes off, and a new day begins. The first thing I do without getting out of bed is surf the Internet and Telegram to see what happens during the night.

Telegram is one of my most frequently used apps. All communication with my colleagues and news viewing is done there. Then the heavy artillery comes in the form of YouTube.

On the way to work, Apple Music runs for an hour on average, all this while using the same Telegram and the browser.

I don’t monitor the brightness level at all. This parameter is always set just above the average value. At home, I use a Wi-Fi Internet connection. The rest of the time I use mobile Internet.

This is a set of standard applications, the most commonly used. If I don’t run games, the iPhone 13 Pro Max easily lasts more than 24 hours in this mode without recharging.

Here’s a proud below: I specifically took the gadget off the charger 24 hours ago, at 8 am. Used it all day, the evening did not put it on the charge, and I still had almost 50% battery life left the following day.

I had to run the most power-consuming game of all that was on my smartphone. It’s because of its lack of optimization, but the fact is that Top War “eats” the battery much faster than the same Genshin Impact, although the graphics and gameplay are seriously inferior to it.

And even after 20 minutes of brutal battles, the battery drained only 12%.

By comparison, the previous iPhone 12 Pro Max was also tenacious. Its charge was enough for a full day’s work, but no more.

By evening I sometimes had less than 10% of the battery left and switched the smartphone to power-saving mode.

With the iPhone 13 Pro Max, I completely forgot about this mode. I haven’t used it once in two weeks.

I put the charger out of my backpack and never took it with me again.
I have had my iPhone charger in my bag for several years now because there are times when my gadget runs out of power at the most inopportune moment. Having upgraded to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, I at some point laid this charger out at home and completely forgot about it.

And not once in all that time have I ever needed it. The autonomy of the new iPhone is just top-notch; finally, I’m delighted.

That’s how in 2021, another argument of Android fans is no longer relevant. Apple smartphones will easily last a day or more on a single charge, without the need to run around the cafe, office, or mall looking for an outlet.

Want to forget about charging, too? Get the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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