How to make profitable online purchases: expert tips

How to make profitable online purchases: expert tips

Online shopping is effective and profitable if you know a few simple but essential rules. We talked to Elizaveta Buinova, co-founder of the brand N.early N.aked and creator of the TV channel Shoes & Drinks, about how to purchase in the online store and not be disappointed.
Why buy things online?
It depends on the specific needs and habits of the individual. I know several people who do not tolerate online shopping, and I, on the contrary, can not stand shopping.

I’m more comfortable flipping through Farfetch or another marketplace on a trip or before going to bed. You don’t spend the whole day shopping, but immediately learn about new products and find suitable models. By researching and comparing the cost of things, you can choose the most favorable option.

How to distinguish a good store from a bad one
There is an opinion that by buying things on the Internet, there is a risk of getting caught in a fake. Today, it is almost impossible. For example, you can check the authenticity of things with additional photos or special services. Moreover, the reputation for online aggregators or brands is much more valuable than the potential profit from selling fakes.

Technology has simplified consumption to such an extent that it’s more convenient to buy almost anything online except jewelry. These items aren’t safe to ship, and they are often counterfeited.

What to look for when choosing a product
Know the size
Measure the circumference of the hips, waist, chest, and length of the foot. You should also pay attention to the width of your shoulders. This is especially important if you’re buying clothes from Asia.

Decide which items you need.
The main problem with online shopping is being confused by the large selection. If you want a camera, focus on finding it, and don’t get distracted by other sections.

Choose trusted sites
When choosing a store, give preference to proven aggregators and brands. Don’t buy where you are required to transfer to a card. Safe sites are more likely to offer multiple payment methods.

Evaluate the item, not the created image.
Often stores don’t just post a photo of the jacket but put together an image with it – so there’s a higher chance that the buyer will want to buy something else. If you keep this in mind, you can avoid impulse purchases.

Take several sizes.
If you don’t fit the size you were delivered at home, you’ll have to pay extra for the courier’s services. But if you take a portion of your order, you’ll be protected from additional costs.

How to buy cheaper
Look for items at a discounted price.
To save money on buying things, choose models from past collections. In addition, any website has a section with sales – you can always find something interesting there.

Use promo codes
Stores often offer a discount on the first order or the purchase during the holiday period. There are special applications that help in the search: for example, the extension for Google

Look for bonuses
Use services with a cashback – most often have many partner companies that offer discounts in different categories. You can also get bonuses for subscribing to newsletters, installing an app, and joining a loyalty program.

How to buy on Marketplaces
Learn fashion
To shop at Avito, Yuletide, and other marketplaces, you’ll have to research the offers. Focus on the quality models of yesteryear. There are a lot of rare items on the marketplaces, and not many people know about them.

Sometimes it happens that sellers will post an item they don’t know the value of. They can list the brand name only, or they can list it with others in one listing. Most likely, no clarifying questions here will not help you understand what is in front of you. Only through observation and experience can you quickly determine what kind of item is in front of you and whether it is worth buying.

Study the range of small brands.
In lesser-known brands, you can also find quality clothing. Most likely, the prices will be lower than those of the big companies.

Look for rare items
You can find rare capsule collections and items that quickly go out of circulation on marketplaces due to high interest. For the first two or three months, things are offered more elevated than on drop day. But eventually, the price drops, and that’s when you can buy the item you want.

Communicate with the sellers
Ask questions about the item, ask for more detailed photos and costly things, ask for a receipt to make sure the item is branded.

Also, ignore bad pictures. Marketplace sellers are ordinary people; they are not required to take professional photos.

How to avoid mistakes
Do not hesitate to return things.
Things can look great on the model in the online store. But when we buy them, we find out bitterly that they don’t fit.

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