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iPhone 13 vs iPhone XR: Should you upgrade?

The iPhone XR, released on September 12, 2018, was sold alongside more expensive iPhones until 2021, when Apple discontinued it. The iPhone XR is no longer available for purchase after being replaced by the iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and iPhone 11 models.

The iPhone XR is made of a precision-machined 7000 Series aerospace-grade aluminum frame that covers around an all-glass enclosure made of the same firm glass as the more costly iPhone XS.
While the iPhone 13 doesn’t introduce many new features, it improves previous iPhone models in several categories, most notably battery life, power, display, and cameras, making it one of the most amazing all-around handsets we’ve seen from Apple.
so if you can’t help but wonder if it’s worth it to upgrade from your iPhone XS or you’re fine sticking with it; we’re here to help you site the differences between the two iPhone models :

Camera :

An iPhone 13 Vs iPhone XR camera comparison is more important than you might think, especially in an era when people are keeping their phones for longer periods. Yes, the iPhone XR was released in 2018. Still, considering the cost of phones and the fact that Apple’s lengthy software support makes it more appealing to stick with your current handset, there are a lot more iPhone XR models available than you may imagine.
The dual cameras represent a major improvement. The iPhone XR has a 12MP Wide (f/1.8) lens, but the iPhone 13 has a 12MP Wide (f/1.6) and a 12MP Ultra Wide (f/2.4) lens. This offers up a whole range of image possibilities, with the Ultra Wide allowing you to capture much more of a scene without having to move backwards.

They also work hand in hand with the A15 Bionic chip to provide Night mode, three new portrait settings, Smart HDR 4, and the new Photographic modes, which let you apply live filters to your photographs while preserving skin tones for a more natural finish.
But, if this isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll be perfectly content with the iPhone XR. However, if you want to make some cool-looking short videos, the iPhone 13 provides good options.

Dimensions and Design:
While the two devices are similar in size and design, there are some important distinctions. The iPhone 13 has a smaller frame and weighs 20g less than the previous model. It may not seem like much, but consider how much time you spend holding your device on a daily basis. That decreased weight may be a benefit in disguise for your hands and wrists, especially if you prefer to safeguard your iPhones with a tough case.

here are the dimensions of the two models :
iPhone 13: 174g; 146.7mm x 71.5mm x 7.65mm
iPhone XR: 194g; 150.9mm x 75.7mm x 8.3mm

The designs, too, are different, with the newer model having squared-off edges reminiscent of the iPhone 4 and 5 generations. In contrast, the iPhone XR has a rounder form resembling the iPhone 6, 7, and 8 exteriors.

Processor, memory, and storage:
The A12 Bionic chip, which debuted in 2018 with the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max, is found under the hood of the iPhone XR. It was a formidable CPU at the time, but three years later, it struggled to compete with the A15 Bionic powerhouse.

Apple describes the A15 as the “fastest chip ever in a smartphone,” so you can be confident that it not only outperforms the ageing A12 Bionic in terms of speed but also ensures that the iPhone 13 will receive several more iOS upgrades than the older chip.

Apple has increased the storage allocations with the iPhone 13 series, so instead of the 64GB and 128GB options found on the iPhone XR, you get 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. There’s also additional internal memory, which has been boosted from 3GB in the XR to 4GB in the 13. This, once again, will help to future-proof the latter against the demands that the software will make in the next few years.

In terms of connectivity, the iPhone 13 adds a few new features. With the device, you may connect to Wi-Fi 6 compatible networks and use 5G LTE. Both offer better speeds than the iPhone XR’s 4G and Wi-Fi 5 capabilities, but only if you reside in a 5G area or have a Wi-Fi 6 router.

Because the iPhone 13 was only recently released, the costs are slightly more than the iPhone XR. There’s also the difficulty that Apple has now withdrawn the latter, so you’ll have to buy it from a third-party seller. the prices are listed below:
iPhone 13 128GB : £779/US$799/AU$1,349
iPhone 13 256GB : £879/US$899/AU$1,519
iPhone 13 512GB : £1,079/US$1,099/AU$1,869

In Conclusion:
The iPhone 13 is a far superior device to the iPhone XR, but like with any technological purchase, you must ask yourself what you want it to achieve. If you already own an iPhone XR and like it, you can save a lot of money by keeping it for another year or so and seeing what the upcoming versions have to offer. However, for those looking for a quicker iPhone with a much wider range of photographic capabilities, not to mention the Cinematic mode for video, the iPhone 13 is the greatest choice for an upgrade, especially if you live in a 5G-enabled location.

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