IPhone 13

what Apple showed at the recent presentation

New iPhones and watches: what Apple showed at the recent presentation (and when you can buy it)

The traditional fall presentation from Apple did without any surprises: as expected, a new iPhone (number 13), a new watch, and the updated classic iPad and iPad Mini. Here are the most important things to know about Apple’s new products.

New iPads
On the Classic – the new A13 Bionic chip, Center Stage feature (already been on the iPad Pro). Otherwise, no notable changes. This is the last iPad with the old look.

The iPad Mini now looks like the iPad Air, only smaller (8.3-inch screen). It now has a USB-C port (the classics still have Lightning, alas) and 5G. There is support for Apple Pencil’s second generation. Almost an iPhone supermax – fits in your pocket! It costs 47,900 rubles and will go on sale next week.

New Apple Watch and Apple Fitness
The seventh-generation watch has a 20% larger screen than the last. There is a skinny bezel (although even on the SE, it is barely noticeable, still – wow). There is finally a keyboard for typing messages! Charging is a little faster. Cost from $399 will go on sale in the fall; Russian prices are unknown.

More critical news – Fitness+ service (workouts, yoga, Pilates, meditation, walks – all in the company of reputable trainers and stars) will come to Russia this fall; group workouts will also appear on it.

The new iPhone
At number 13. As expected, the camera lenses have become even more significant (and the plate for them has increased, so the cases from the 12 models to them will not fit). Also, they are located diagonally to each other. There is a change of focus in the cameras when shooting video (“Movie effect”), even on the front camera. Apple actively insists that its phones will now be helpful to professional filmmakers in full (for weight at the presentation Pro called Kathryn Bigelow).

The bangs are now relatively small – hooray! The screen is brighter by 28%. Also on the agenda: a new A15 Bionic chip, a new six-core processor, a new quad-core video processor. It should also last 2.5 hours longer than the iPhone 12. The cost is from 79,990 rubles. And there are also models with 512 GB – finally!

The new iPhone Mini
The same as the regular iPhone: brighter screen, petite bangs, and two cameras diagonally. The new chip A15 Bionic, a new six-core processor, a new quad-core video processor. The cost – from 69,990 rubles. Models with 512 GB appeared.

The new iPhone Pro and Pro Max
Power-power-power! All the same as the regular and Mini, plus a bunch more stuff for real pros. First of all – three huge (by the standards of smartphones) cameras. They have macro photography, and the wide-angle one has autofocus. Instant object processing when taking pictures at the photographer’s pre-set settings. All cameras now have a night mode. Pro lasts 1.5 hours longer than the previous generation. The Pro Max has 2.5 hours longer. There will be a model with 1 TB of memory. The cost of the Pro is $999, the price of the Pro Max is $1,099.

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